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Evangelist Papa shee shared his life experiences and how he was given the name Evangelist

Evangelist Papa shee has shares his life experiences and how he was given the name an Evangelist. According to Evangelist, he is called Nana Yaw Akosah from Asante-Mampong born to Agya Kofi Badu and Madam Martha Ama Ayewa. He is having five siblings, two of them are in U.S.A.

Evangelist Papa Shee started schooling at Asante- Mampong Presbyterian School, he was not a brilliant student but was a very good dancer. His mother has to beg him before he will go to school. He started dancing at the age of five, the first time he danced was at funeral service, all those who were there became happy about his talent. They organized a dancing competition for the kids in his community and he became the winner.

Anytime his school goes for a program which involves dancing, he was the one who danced for them. The men in the community again organised a big dancing competition for Evangelist Papa Shee and his friends, that one too he won it. They were then invited by Mr Ampofo Agyei to participate in his concert. He also went to various concerts with Charles Kwadwo Fosu popular known as Daddy Lumba 1990s. He became a very popular musician and some of his songs were "Atadwe 3n3 mate d3, Koyoso, Atepa b3ko awan n3", etc.

He also went to a lot of programs throughout his music career and always likes distribution his DVDs to other people. Evangelist used to go church but was not devoted christian, but he nearly had a plane crash when he was going to Germany, at moment all those in plane waas crying, all the air hostess serving in the plane fell down, and Evangelist Papa shee too was crying, then he remembered a quotation, Romans 10:13, recited it and started praying to God and asked for forgiveness, he also asked God to save him and will do His work.

He said most pastors have been telling him that he will do God's work but he didn't accept it. Fortunately for them they got to the airport safely and a Indian woman who was sitting beside Evangelist told him that his God has saved them. He then went home and told his sister about what happened to them and his sister also told him that they have heard the news. He was afraid to travel in a plane back to Ghana but his brother-in-law told him to remember the promise he made to God that he will do His work.

He was doubting that nobody will believe him when he started preaching the word of God, because of the nature of his music career. When he came back to Ghana he continued with his music career and did not fulfill his promise to God. Later he had a revelation and Jesus appeared to him and asked him why he did not start the work of God. He then told his pastor and started praying and reading the bible. He was not able to go to night club again, he started preaching the word of God and also participated in church activities.

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Asante-Mampong Nana Yaw Akosah Papa Papa shee U.S.A


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