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Spiritual Uses Of Dumped Shoes That You must Know

We usually throw away our dumped shoes not knowing it can be used spiritually .

Dumped shoes can be used in spiritually to get rid of our problems.

Let's take a look of how to use duped shoe to get rid of our problems spiritually.

Materials or things needed:

1) An old shoe( usually the right one)

2) A pen

2) A fire

3) Natural running water or the sea.

Process Or Methods Uses:

1) Write your problems on the sole of the shoe

2) put the shoe on and stamp it three times

3) As you do so say this words three times "Begone, troublesome times"

4) throw the shoe in a fire and make sure it burns properly

5) You can chose to throw the shoe into the stream of water and watch it disappear.

6) You can also throw the shoe into the sea and walk away as this happens, visualize the problem getting less until it disappears

7) Often during this time inspiration may come to you as to how you can deal with the difficulty.

The reasons behind the use of the right shoe is that, it is considered the more positive and assertive did of the body, which is normally one needed.

Also, if it feels to use the right shoe the result will usually be passive.

Please try to follow the procedures and your wishes shall be granted.

Please follow me for more updates.

Content created and supplied by: Asaliwe (via Opera News )


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