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Spiritual Meaning Of Abortion In Your Dream

In Deut 24:16, Ex 21:2-25 warns our parents. Abortion means getting rid of unwanted pregnancy. In the sight of God, this is bad symptom and can serves as a divine punishment. If you commit abortion in the real life for example, it sticks into the memory of God. Abortion is connected to murder.

The dream could simply be a result of you having an abortion on your waking life. But more often than not, it is a dream indicating you allowing the devil to steal away your uterus and babies. You are not prepared to abort the womb and the negative voice is telling you to eliminate it immediately so as to avoid the troubles of your parents. This dream shows that you are primary cause of your problems in the first place, and never the devil.

If your dream is surrounded with fear or tribulation after it then this means a separation from the mercy of God. Maybe you have never done abortion in your lifetime, and you keep dreaming about getting rid of pregnancy, that’s satanic trick to deceive and push you to do something against the will of God. If you are a married woman presently pregnant, quickly bind and cast out the spirit of miscarriage because this meaning may play in that direction.

Furthermore, a dream of abortion may also represent child bearing problem and misunderstanding between two partners. Perhaps your marriage is not producing any babies, or your husband is blaming you for the cause of fruitlessness in your marriage. This dream might means that the enemy has taken away the joy of the marriage. In some cases, this dream recurring might inspire you reveal to your husband the part where you have one time abort a pregnancy.

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