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Angry man wielding a cutlass attempts to slash his wife boyfriend in traffic at Kejetia - video

If You Marry A Woman without Vision You Are Finished. She was made to be a helper, not someone who just sits at home waiting for the husband to bring everything. She got to help physically, emotionally and spiritually. She is submissive because a helper serves under someone. In Genesis 2:18, The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” 

Too many women get so caught up in 'seeking' a husband that they fail to prepare spiritually, mentally, financially, and physically to actually be 'sought' to become a wife but beautiful is the woman that is independent. And can do it on her own, but humble enough to step aside to let Mr. Right take the lead and there is nothing more beautiful or sexy than a Christian woman who is confident in her God.

An elderly man was not so fortunate as he viciously attacked a man who was driving his vehicle within the Kumasi metropolis. The furious man who was wielding a cutlass attempted to slash his enemy and many who witnessed the whole scenery were surprised as to why he intended to finish him off.

Peacemakers who tried to intervene couldn't restrain the gentleman who was bent on achieving his purpose until a Police man interceded on his would-be-victim. In an explanation in the local dialect, he alleged that this guy was having an affair with his wife and that has compelled him to act in this manner.

From all indications it looked like the wife was unfaithful to her husband and didn't carry herself in a manner pleasing to him. Woman nowadays want a bank in a form of a man where they will deposit stress, complaints, disappointments, abuse, disrespect and all these negative things into. This woman had found someone she loves more than the husband.

Subsequently the man was whisked away by men in uniform. 

You can watch the video below

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Genesis 2


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