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Encouraging Words From These Children Who Are Disregarded In Their City

Everyday, mankind needs to thank God for His mercies and everlasting favor. Every man, woman or child is obliged to give thanks to the Almighty God day in day out for all the great things that He has done for them. It takes a much higher level of favor to gain respect from men in this world that we live in now. It is so but we always do out best to do what pleases God and also man. Most of the time, we see some human beings that we perceive to be other creatures from different parts of the world. Children are born into this world to bring hapiness and joy. Some children who are delivered into this life only come to face mimicking and mockery from the people around them in this world. It is usually not easy for them to live and go about their daily activities well. When they go to town they might be laughed at or hooted at, they might also be called hilarious names which do not measure up to their personalities and morphologies. Despite all these, some children are still able to sail through this hard form of living and rise to success.

In this article, I bring you some children who are always laughed at wherever they go.

These children who are considered to be aliens and not human beings have always been laughed at. People who see them always want to snap pictures of them and use them as pictures because they had never seen some children like that ever in their lives. Even though these children are always hooted at, they are determined to make their parents proud and also do well to excel in their academics.

They are in school and they are doing their best. Despite the fact that their best might not be enough, their mother believes that with God, all things are possible and that her children will become great one day.

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