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Church For Money or Souls? Pastor Oyedepo Sacks 40 Pastors for not Bringing Him Enough Money.

Winners Chapel is a famous church led by Pastor Oyedepo. The head pastor has won many hearts and souls for Christ and the mission still continues. In Ghana, some pastors even visit his seminars and conferences for more knowledge and guidance.

However, recent news out there comes with some shocking feelings. Yesterday, news broke out that the church has sacked 40 pastors from the church for not bringing enough money to the central quarters of the church.

In fact, this piece of information took many by surprise and the question left on many minds was: what was the mission of the church, win souls or money? But the action of Winners Chapel answers this question clearly. It is purely money-driven.

Sadly, according to one of the pastors who were sacked by the church, they were given no end of the service package. No money, recognition in terms of citation nor retirement plans. This is very shocking as the same story runs through the case at Dag Heward Mills’ Lighthouse.

Growing up and learning more, I knew the church’s central mission was to win souls for Christ. So the plan was to do evangelism, benevolence and edification. These three keys were made the anchor of the church to make the religion attractive. But at no point was the religion instituted to make money for certain people.

Look, in Acts chapter 2, after over 3000 people repented and got baptized, the young believers saw their fellow believers as brothers and they shared everything: be it clothes, food, money and many valuable resources. They didn’t discriminate. So if the church is underperforming financially but winning souls just fine, why do you take their pastors down?

There are some churches that will also do much better and their monies could meet the weak churches halfway. The Lord God Christians worship should be free from such drama and unnecessary controversies.



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