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Ex-Sorcerer has given details on why they fought with disciples of Jesus Christ - Testimony(url)

Felicien Mulopwe story can be found here:

The Invisible War Against the Disciples of Jesus Christ: Sometime later, in my destructive work, Satan personally entrusted me with the mission to destroy the spiritual life of a man of God who came to Brazzaville for an evangelistic campaign. It was in August 1992.

This Christian crusade was to be held in the Stadium of the Revolution, which is the current Massamba-Debate stadium. A large crowd had gathered singing praises to God. Then they raised their voices to pray.

I wanted to stop them by blocking their prayers with my astral hand that I had placed over their hands, but it was a failure because their prayers gave off extraordinary firepower. Later I saw a protocol member heading towards me.

I thought he had seen what I had done, so I immediately knocked him down by the power of my invisible kick, just like the wrestlers do. To avoid suspicion, I made myself invisible, then I went to stand on the platform where the Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke was.

I stood in front of him to hit him and destroy him. So I sent magic rays to him to hypnotize him and kill him. I saw the man of God speechless for a few minutes, and when he resumed his speech, he asked the assembly to pray for him because he said Satan was in the crusade.

And when Christians raised their hands to address prayers to God for this man of God, I felt on my body something like fire devouring me and a strong power thrust me out of the presence of the man of God. And finally, not knowing what to do, I was there dumb, immersed in the most total confusion and breathing in me hatred against the Evangelist.

It was the second defeat for me in the destruction of the churches. If only Christians knew these things, they would not be careless about prayer and the Word that keeps them from the devil's maneuvers.

After this incident, I had to meet my master Bombar to report to him what had happened. He advised me to persevere. The next day at the same time, I went to the crusade to sow disorder and distraction in the midst of the crowd, and it succeeded perfectly because people were distracted, they could not focus on the Word that was preached.

That day, there were only two cases of healing. Despite my inability to touch the man of God because he was surrounded by flames of fire, I still managed to cause disorder in this campaign, because I influenced the crowd who wanted at all costs to touch the man of God and this caused disorder.

Knowing that I had failed in my mission to kill the man of God, I decided to capture some weak spirits and sacrifice them to Satan in compensation, and I managed to catch 50 of them that I sacrificed to Satan. On this subject, I would like to advise Children of God to always be spiritually prepared when they go to this kind of gathering.

You must always confess your sins and ask God to fill you with the Holy Spirit; for not, all those who participate in these crusades are children of God, there are also agents of the devils. During this crusade, I remained in Brazzaville in Meridian Hotel where I lodged, but I could not know where the man of God lodged because he was protected by God.

Seeing that I did not succeed in killing him, I went looking for those who were acting as security officers in this crusade. I managed to catch three of those brothers who were weak. That same night, I went to Mambo Palace Hotel where Lucifer lodged to report on my work.

He told me that among the people acting as the protocol of the man of God, there was a woman who belonged to a secret society; she was a member of Hydro-Congo at the time. The devil told me that he was going to entrust this woman with the task of killing the man of God.

Dear brothers and sisters, the devil has taken steps to introduce his agents into the assemblies known as revival assemblies, and they have the mission to restrain the churches, to stir up trouble and divisions in the churches, while preventing true servants from progressing spiritually.

The devil’s agents tend to work in the Church leadership commission and want to be elevated to Church leadership. They tend to impose their will on pastors. In most cases, these men and women have always been great corporate executives, and thanks to their financial means they are able to buy the conscience of the men of God blinded by material gain.

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