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Our Lord Jesus Christ is the same always. He loves us. You must love Him too.

Beloved of our creator the Almighty God. I am humbly bringing this to your attention and memory. That never get bored about anything that you must do with our Lord Jesus Christ. I beseech you, never allow troubles and anything that is confronting your life to deviet you from thinking that there's no God. Or talking about God's beloved and only begotten Son Jesus Christ isn't real.

Remember. Always remember that you have no idea how the air you are breathing comes to your nose and comes out from it. You have no idea how the water you are drinking was made. If you choose not to believe in God, I am here and putting it to you that the ground on which you are walking through and standing, sleeping and getting up before doubting God, is created by God.

Now therefore, because of the sin of the world's first Parents Adam and Eve, the generations through them are receiving and enjoying the punishment of God of which the satan on which you have rather chose to believe and follow, have capitalize on and dealing with us mercilessly.

This why God who loves us and has created us in His own image, that because He loves us and wants to end the punishment of us, Have given His only Son to come on the earth with us and die for our sins and His death has allow the real Love of God to remain strong with us from satan.

This Son of God who's our Lord Jesus Christ, was with God while Everything including us were created. And Jesus Christ is with you now and need you to humble yourself and make sure that you accept Him as your Lord and Personal Savior, and have Him all your life. Because He will never die. So the word of God in Hebrew chapter 13 verse 8. Is helping us to understand that there is no other way to obtain God's Mercy and love apart from Jesus Christ. And John chapter 10 verse 10 thus helps us to know and never to forget that without Jesus Christ there is no life.

Waiting on God for long for Him to do all you need for you in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ, is your Best Option and you must lean only on our Lord Jesus Christ. Bless you.

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