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What Christians don't understand about the Bible that they always keep on doing

The leader of the common sense family Avram Ben Moshe said in an interview that Christians does not speak tongues like the way God wants them to.

In an interview at Kindom TV, he now mentioned the fact that all Christians don't really know a lot about tongues "you speak in tongues without any interpretations because the Bible does teaches us to speak in tongues but not the way Christians use to".

He then quoted a verse from the Bible to prove the fact that what he is saying is the truth. He a verse from 1 Corinthians 14:23 which say a lot about tongues.

It says" if then, the whole church meets together and everybody starts speaking in strange tongues and if some ordinary people or unbelievers come in won't they say you are crazy".

It means the Bible does not agree to the speaking of tongues any explanations.

And he continue to show Christians the way they should speak tongues in the same Bible so he the quoted 1 Corinthians 14:26-27

It says " This is what I mean, my brothers and sisters. When you meet for worship. One person has a hymn, another has a teaching, another a revelation from God, another a message in strange tongues, and still another the explanation of what is said. Everything must be of help to the church.

Verse 27, If someone is going to speak in strange tongues, two or three the most should speak, one after the other, and someone else must explain what is been said".

So if people more than 3 speaks in tongues in the church and no one explains it means all you people in the church don't really understand the bible.

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