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"Can We Be Serious A Bit" :Checkout Moment A Lady Was Captured Massively "Twerking" At Church..

Who would have thought an act like this would be seen at a church? It's embarrassing some people portray their careless and unconcerned behavior at certain places which ought not to be so, especially at a church(God's household or temple). Just recently, a pastor was caught red-handed shamelessly pounding a woman at his church auditorium which indeed spoke very ill of him and had tongues negatively wagging at him.

A lady has also been seen in a current video surfacing online massively twerking at an enclosed gathering purported to be a church during a service. Checking the video very well, this lady whom perhaps was caught by the song, was seen shaking her backside as the song was being raised during the praises hour as seen in the screenshot below:

You can also watch the video by using the link below:

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