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Vodu (gods) are not evil in our communities, check out why.

'Vodu' are man-made objects through which the powers of God the creator of the universe may be obtained.

'Vodu' is an Ewe word. The two words combined to form the term Vodu are Vo and Du. The Vo means to be free and the Du means place where living beings dwel or community. The combination of the two words gives the meaning blissfully free dwelling place of an individual or Community.

Vodu can be made with stone,clay, wood or made invisible, that is to erect the spirit in an open air.

In some communities Vodu may be made to be moving and some to be at a stationary position.

An example of a moveable Vodu is the Zangbetor. The Vodu Zangbetor can be located around Fihokope and down to Benin.

APETORKU is also another great vodu or god but stationary. APETORKU is an ancestral god of the Dagbamate Community a town which can be located in the volta region of Ghana. APETORKU has done many developmental projects in the community which helped the community to be selected as the fastest developing community.

Dagbamate APETORKU Shrine.

Some individuals might be thinking the word vodu is evil and their task is to kill.

Some importance of vodu to humanity:

1. Protection of life of an individual.

2. Protection of Community from evil.

3. Healing of sickness.

4. Helps in solving spiritual marital problems.

5. Vodu also enhence prosperity of the individuals.

One can equally use Vodu to do wonderful things for the betterment of humanity. As some people are using theirs all in the name of technology.

All the above duties can only be done when the individuals obey the commandments of the Vodu and the laws of nature.

To know more read the book written by Mr. Azasu Kwaku entitled African Traditional Religion (SANKOFA).

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APETORKU Dagbamate Fihokope Vodu Zangbetor


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