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VIDEO: Pastor Installed Hidden Camera To Monitor Money Counters At His Church, See What Happened

Most men of God do not count offering at their church. They appoint elders, deaconesses, deacons and some members to do that job for them. It will be a very strange thing for a pastor to leave the pulpit and go and monitor the offering. But sometimes when they get the figures of the offering from the money counters it baffles their mind a little because the size of the congregation and rich people in the church does not tarry with the offering.

In view of this, a pastor has hidden a camera in the room where money counters in his church have been counting the offering. In the CCTV footage, he found out that the woman in your pictures has been stealing some of the church offerings. It appears the woman is the one who always sends to offertory to the room where it will be counted before the others join her to count.

So what this woman does is that she pours the money down and picks the highest denomination from the offering. She hides these monies under her brasier. So before the other money counters will join her to count the money she has already satisfied herself with the amount she needs. This is what the Holy Scriptures spoke about, the love of money should be free from Christians but this woman is practising it right in the church.

You can also watch the video through the link below

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