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Women Fellowship leader secretly videoed doing this funny thing on her way to church -Video

In a video circulating on the internet is a woman who is believed to be a women fellowship member, considering how she is clad in white from hair to toe. She could be the women fellowship leader "Mmakuo panyin" in one of the Orthodox churches which we don't have an idea of.

The video captured this women fellowship member on her way to church. She stopped on the way, looked behind her to be sure no one is watching and started executing the dance moves of the Kumerica boys, specifically the leg moves which could be seen in Yaw Tog's hit song, Sore visuals. 

After executing the first leg dance moves, as if that wasn't enough, she took few steps ahead stopped and executed the second one before eventually proceeding to wherever she was heading towards.

This video has started attracting the comments of netizens; some are of the view that, the woman fellowship member might have seen her children performing those dance moves at home hence she gave it a try, some said she was just having rehearsal for church, others as well commented that she hails from Kumerica and a fun of Yaw tog and co, these and several hilarious comments.

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Link to the video:

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