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Life is not Game of Chance.

In life some may walk whilst others may run but remember God gave Tortoise and the horse the same days to reach Noah's ark. Your journey may be rough and tough but grace will surely take you to your destination. Jacob looked at Joseph and saw a good son but Joseph brothers looked at him and saw a useless dreamer, the travellers looked at him and saw a slave, Potiphar saw him as a fine servant, Potiphar's wife looked at him and saw a potential boyfriend, the prison officers saw him as a prisoner. How wrong were they all. God looked at Joseph and saw Egyptian Prime Minister in waiting. Grace is what always make a differences. Forget about how people see you describe describe you God holds your destiny. If one runs with men it is called RACE but if you run with God it is called GRACE. Grace keep us from disgrace. May the grace of God be sufficient for you and your household. No matter how overload a bus is the driver's seat is always reserved. Don't rush, your success seat is been reserved by divine grace. Always remember the starting is not what matters but the finishing determines the winner. May grace locate you.

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Egyptian Game of Chance Jacob Joseph Potiphar


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