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Can I Also Speak In Tongues?

Speaking in tongues is a mystery that one cannot phantom unless the person experiences it himself. As some see it as a scam, others think it is pretentious.  

Though there may be some people who do everything possible to fake the speaking of tongues, it should be emphasized that the Spirit of God genuinely grants believers utterance in prayer so that they speak in heavenly language. In 1 Chorinthians 13:1a, Apostle Paul says, if I speak with tongues of men and angels..." 

This obviousely presupposes that it's possible for one to speak in Angelic tongue. Besides, we find in so many occasions people speaking in tongues in the scripture (A ts 2, Acts 19 etc)

If you have ever wondered whether speaking in tongues is genuine, the answer is a BIG YES! Again If you ever wondered whether you can also speak in tongues, the answer again is a BIG YES!

To help you position yourself for this divine gift, the following guidelines will help you;

1. Believe in Jesus Christ.

Through out the Bible, speaking in tongues started only after the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Those who believed in Jesus Christ started speaking in tongues exactly on the fiftieth day(Pentecost) after His ascension to heaven(Acts 2). 

It should be noted that speaking in tongues is a gift of God through the Holy Spirit unto them that believe in him .(Jesus Christ) This is because the coming of the Spirit upon the believer is upon Jesus' request of the father for his followers. (John 14:16)

2. Set yourself apart in holiness. Another important step to take if one wishes to speak in tongues is to cleanse one's self of all forms of unholiness especially sexual immorality.

Since speaking of tongues is of the Spirit of God, and He (the Spirit) also abhores uncleanliness, it will be difficult for anyone who had settled for any sort of life style to fellowship with Him let alone speaking in tongues.(2 Chor 6:17-18) The Bible tells us that our body is the temple of God and therefore must be kept holy. This is for the purpose of enabling the Spirit to abide in us.

3. Pray a lot.

The gift of speaking in tongues is for the purpose of prayer. In fact the first people in the scripture to speak in tongues were praying (Acts 2). 

It is when one has committed himself to prayer so deeply that the Spirit sets in to empower him. When this happens, the common sign that shows is the speaking of tongues.

4. Let men of God filled with the Spirit lay their hands on you.

Lastly, laying on of hands by anointed men of God for the purpose of impartation, can lead one into speaking in tongues. 

In Acts 19 we read that Apostle Paul lays his hands on some men who had being in the church for years without being filled with the Spirit and immediately they begin speaking in tongues. If all the first three steps are followed and yet one cannot still speak in tongues then the fourth step---- laying on of hands may be necessary.

With these four all important steps alone, one is over sixty percent sure of partaking in the angelic dialect.

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