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How to Become a Matured Christian

There are three types of Christians which are babies , children and mature Christians. When you are a baby Christian, you are easily hurt, always crying and heavily dependent on others. A baby cannot control his flesh and eases himself anywhere at any time.

Children on the other hand are a little more controlled in their flesh, but are unstable, unable to sit down and always running all over the place.

Children bear little fruit and contribute little to the building of the home. Indeed, children are expensive to have and practically make the house dirtier and untidy. Children are also unstable because they do not know much about anything. They do not know why and how food is set on the table.

They do not know how and why babies are born. They do not even know or understand when there are conflicts in the home. They believe every story; even the most fantastic and unbelievable ideas are believed and trusted by children. Knowledge, understanding and wisdom are the hallmarks of maturity. When someone is becoming a mature Christian, he moves quickly from the state of ignorance and naivety.

He knows why, he knows what, he knows where and he knows when things have to be done. To be a mature Christian, you must know why things are done. You must have the reasons for all Christian practices.

You must not just do something because everyone does it. You do things because you know the reasons for them. 

By: Sefa Emmanuel

Content created and supplied by: DemPolice (via Opera News )

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