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How to deal with occultic influence in your life.

Whether you are a Christian or a non-Christian, you should be able to recognize the dangers in the occult and cease any activities or areas of involvement in which you are engaged. That is the main purpose of this article to highlight strongholds of the occult in which a person may be engaged so that they can renounce these activities and turn to the supreme being.

Let this be a dire warning from one who knows! Whenever you engage in occultic activities, even minor ones such as the reading of your horoscope, you are opening yourself wide open to access and possession by the devil. This holds true even if you are a Christian or a Muslim. Perhaps you do not believe a Christian can be possessed. We will deal with this subject at length when we discuss deliverance. However, let me say here to emphasize the importance of this subject, that a Christian or a Muslim can be possessed. There are many examples today. So, whenever someone tells me, as almost everyone preaches today, that a Christian cannot be possessed, I know immediately that they do not know anything about the deliverance ministry. It is impossible to work in this area very long without realizing Christians are possessed just like unbelievers are. Let me pass on one of the greatest truths I have learned about the Dark Kingdom and its operation. The Bible tells us in Ephesians 4:27 to “Neither give place to the devil.” 

This scripture highlights perhaps the greatest fact I have learned about the Dark Kingdom and Satan any place you give to him, he will surely occupy. And, once you give him one place, he will certainly want to occupy more. In fact, this is precisely how a person, even a Christian, becomes possessed. Do not ever forget this scripture give no place to the devil.

Believe me, you cannot involve yourself in the occult without opening yourself up to the devil and giving him a place. He has a right to your mind and your body when you are involved in the occult.

There are a great many people who serve Satan for power, money and sex. They know what they are doing. But the vast majority become involved innocently. They did not know what they were doing and now they feel trapped. The devil has held them hostage through fear.

May God deliver you from any powers of the enemy in Jesus name.

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