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Before I was a christian they made me believe bible was the way, I found joy when I left

Ifa Funsho, an atheist on Twitter, said that she sought happiness after leaving Christianity. Funsho is a Japanese word that means "no God."

“When I was a Christian,” she tweeted. I recall how much I despised my ancestors. I was irritated by Africa because the Bible portrayed our faith as bad and led me to believe that the Bible was the only way. Now that I've learned my lesson, I'll never do it again. By accepting my heritage, I was able to leave Christianity. I've discovered JOY in self-love.”

“When I was a Christian, they made me believe Bible is the way, I have found Joy since I left,” she said in the tweet.

This lady claimed to have a mansion in hellfire. She also said that she did not ask to be born and owes no debt to God.

Christians and atheists both reacted strongly to this tweet.

@collins: @collins: @collins: @ Sister, I had the same experience. Before I left, I attended seminary. Today, I'm glad I didn't pursue a career as a priest. Knowing my roots is the only thing that makes me happy. This foreign religion has done more damage to Africa than good.

@devinity says: Leaving Christianity was the best decision I ever made for my @babajide: The Bible did not make you hate your roots, nor did it portray our faith as bad, and if you couldn't tell me which verse in the Bible made you hate your roots, you were never a Christian.

In my view, everybody has the right to practice whatever religion they choose.

What are your thoughts on what this lady said? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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