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Scores of mourners pay last respects to late Abesim Queen-mother

The pre-entombment burial service and burial service of the late Nana Yaa Pomaa, the 'Abesimhemaa' (Queen-mother) finished calmly, at Abesim, close to Sunyani over the course of the end of the week.

Osagyefo Oseadeeyo Dr Agyemang-Badu II, the fundamental head of Dormaa and master of Abesim, joined scores of grievers to give the late sovereign mother a befitting goodbye at the Abesim nearby Roman School Park, the memorial service grounds.

Different grievers included lawmakers, previous pastors of express, the church, and different bosses and sovereigns from varying backgrounds.

The late Nana Pmaa, who rose the Abesim Queenship stool in 1978, involved the stool for quite a long time and she elapsed on in 2021 after a short disease. She was 66 years.

As custom and custom interest, the late sovereign was covered late-night Saturday at the Abesim Royal Mausoleum to join her precursors after she was laid in state freely at the Abesim Palace on Friday for the many grievers to offer their final appreciation.

Osagyefo Oseadeeyo Dr Agyemang-Badu II and Odeneho Dr Akosua Frema Dwaben II, the Paramount Queen-mother of Dormaa performed customary ceremonies in confidential before the body was subsequently placed into a coffin for entombment.

The 'Dotoyie' (pre-entombment memorial service) transformed the Abesim Township into a mindset of distress as the royals for the most part clad in red clothing and conventional formal attire, filled, sang requiems, and marched the Abesim Township.

It was, in any case, feverish for the weighty police faculty conveyed to keep up with the rule of law to control the surprising human and vehicular traffic in the Abesim municipality.

Conventional fighters, generally from the Dormaaa Traditional Area, were likewise not avoided with regards to the "Dotoyie" (pre-entombment burial service) when they terminated inconsistent musketries to startle spectators.

The internment of the late sovereign would prepare for the establishment of a then replacement lead to bosses and individuals of the area to hold a befitting last memorial service ritual for the late sovereign.

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