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How to Overcome Fear " Fear Is Failure "Courage Alone Can't Kill Fear


Nelson Mandela: "Courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear."

The enemy would have you to believe that because you are afraid, you have failed. His biggest concern is that you will decide to ignore your fear and forge ahead. So he tries to discourage you at the outset of fear.

Times like these, I begin to quote some scriptures that help be stay the course. Below are some scriptures I use.

We can be struck by fear on so many levels. 

Fear of Failure

Fear of Success

Fear of the Unknown

Fear of the Known

Fear of Loss

Fear of Gain

Fear of Someone

Fear of Yourself

Fear for your Safety

Fear of your Peril

Fear of Death

Fear of Life

God did not design Mankind to be paralyzed by fear. It is the enemy that loves to emphasize your fear to cause you to stop, or loose your train of thought, or to stop you from doing what is right in the sight of God.

Use these scriptures to help yourself conquour fear.

James 4:5 ‭Submit yourselves‭‭ therefore‭ to God‭. Resist‭‭ the devil‭, and‭ he will flee‭‭ from‭ you‭.‭

2 Timothy 1:7 For‭ God‭ hath‭‭ not‭ given‭‭ us‭ the spirit‭ of fear‭; but‭ of power‭, and‭ of love‭, and‭ of a sound mind‭.‭ KJV

Phillipians 4:13 ‭I can do‭‭ all things‭ through‭ Christ‭ which‭ strengtheneth‭‭ me‭.‭

Psalms 92 (all 16 verses)

Ephesians 6:10-18

10 Finally‭, my‭ brethren‭, be strong‭‭ in‭ the Lord‭, and‭ in‭ the power‭ of his‭ might‭.‭

‭11 Put on‭‭ the whole armour‭ of God‭, that‭ ye‭ may be able‭‭ to stand‭‭ against‭ the wiles‭ of the devil‭.‭

‭12 For‭ we‭ wrestle‭ not‭ against‭‭‭ flesh‭ and‭ blood‭, but‭ against‭ principalities‭, against‭ powers‭, against‭ the rulers‭ of the darkness‭ of this‭ world‭, against‭ spiritual‭ wickedness‭ in‭ high‭ [places].‭

‭13 Wherefore‭‭ take unto you‭‭ the whole armour‭ of God‭, that‭ ye may be able‭‭ to withstand‭‭ in‭ the evil‭ day‭, and‭ having done‭‭ all‭, to stand‭‭.‭

‭14 Stand‭‭ therefore‭, having‭‭ your‭ loins‭ girt about‭‭ with‭ truth‭, and‭ having on‭‭ the breastplate‭ of righteousness‭;‭

‭15 And‭ your feet‭ shod‭‭ with‭ the preparation‭ of the gospel‭ of peace‭;‭

‭16 Above‭ all‭, taking‭‭ the shield‭ of faith‭, wherewith‭‭ ye shall be able‭‭ to quench‭‭ all‭ the fiery‭‭ darts‭ of the wicked‭.‭

‭17 And‭ take‭‭ the helmet‭ of salvation‭, and‭ the sword‭ of the Spirit‭, which is‭‭ the word‭ of God‭:‭

18 ‭Praying‭‭ always‭‭‭ with‭ all‭ prayer‭ and‭ supplication‭ in‭ the Spirit‭, and‭ watching‭‭ thereunto‭‭‭ with‭ all‭ perseverance‭ and‭ supplication‭ for‭ all‭ saints‭;‭

There are many more scriptures... please share the one that helps you through.

Bless you!

Pastor Steve Morgan


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