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Bring the oil and let’s send a message- Duncan Williams declares and causes stir

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams has boldly defended Christianity once again and has thought Christians what it is to be a Christian. Criticizing comments are the reasons why some Christians refuse to embrace all that is graceful and loving in the Christian faith. Christians have lamented on the projects of Nana Addo including projects that are intended to promote the Christian faith in Ghana.

Not long ago, a Nima ultramodern and eye-catching mosque was built. This mosque is intended to occupy thousands of Muslims and the government have been hailed on all levels for doing this. After this, the issue of cathedral building has rather become a much bigger issue. Why will Christians speak against the president for wanting to build a cathedral for Ghanaians?- Archbishop questioned in disbelief of what he is hearing.

David was anointed for greater things and this was an era to save the people of God. Solomon was destined and chosen to build the temple of God. The anointing from David was passed onto Solomon to complete this task and we need to pass the same anointing onto the president- he stated. Bring the oil and let’s send a message, let’s make this dream come true- he added whiles anointing Nana Addo and stabilizing his vision and willingness in the spiritual world.

Duncan Williams whiles speaking revealed that this is not a political statement and shouldn’t be referred to as such. It’s only to make sure that the God-given vision to build this temple for the Lord will never go to waste. He revealed that it’s a vision that needs protection and hence all Christians should join hands in making sure it happens.

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