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Why Your Guardian Angel Is Getting Separated From You.

Angels are specially Divine creatures made by GOD to serve and to worship HIM. Biblically, Angels were all living peacefully with GOD till war broke out causing 1/3rd of them to be thrown out from heaven. Angels existed before humans were created yet after some were thrown out from heaven, GOD said " woe to the inhabitants of the earth" meaning the fallen Angels will really v causing trouble to humans.

Guardian Angels are specially assigned for human purposes. Every human whether young/old, boy/girl, righteous or unrighteous is having a guardian angel. Some people are having more than one guardian angel depending on GOD's Will. The main duty of a guardian angel is to protect, guard, direct, guide and in some cases serves as the carrier of his assigned human's prayer to GOD. Guardian Angels are chosen by GOD and they move and live with us daily yet we can't see nor touch them.

Just as GOD aasigned each one of us our guardian angel, so as the devil also connected each human with his/her demonic angel too. So in short, every human got TWO ANGELS, one from GOD and the other from the devil. There is a severe competition whenever two opposite things crashes. Your guardian angel is getting separated from you and the devil's own is taking over and this is the main reason why;

*You are not feeding your Guardian Angel right: yes feeding I mean. When you have a pet with you and wants it to be healthy, happy and stays with you then feeding it rightly is the best option. Guardian Angels also feed from us . Yes, they do. Your guardian angel will stay depending on how you feed him so as the devil's angel too. Guardian Angels don't feed on food but on how you live your life thus whether righteously or unrighteous. One way to know whether these Angels are talking to you is when you are in a decisive situation and you will be hearing voices in your mind. One telling you to do it and the other telling you to stop. The one you listen to ends up winning.

Your guardian angel stays with you on how you live your life, Listening and obeying to his word and guidance. The more you listen to him and do what he says, the more he pleases you and get so close to you. Your guardian angel might even reveal himself to you, either in a dream or in human form. Obeying and living a righteous life gets you so connected to your guardian angel that when he talks to you, you hear it clearly just as talking to your fellow human sitting close to you. He reveals things and secrets to you and send your prayers to GOD. The more you feed your guardian angel with a righteous life, the more stronger he will be hence protecting you from evil.

On the other hand, if you live an unrighteous life you might be feeding the opposite (demonic angel). The more unrighteous, the more the demonic angel gets closer and closer to you. A time will come that you might not even hear from your guardian angel anymore because the demonic angel has wholly taken possession of you because of the unrighteous life you live. When the demonic angel takes control of you, he steals you from your guardian angel, then destroys you (because you live on his words and guidance) then he finally kills you. Hence as biblically quoted "the devil came to steal,kill and destroy".

If you are not hearing from your guardian angel, sit down and measure how you live your life, whether righteous or unrighteous. Mind you, it's one of these Angels (guardian or demonic) who will lead you to your final and eternal destination when you die. If you feed your pet, children, friends, dates etc so they become happy and stays with you, then feed your guardian angels the right way(righteous life) so they stay too else you dey do yourself.

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