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Our Lord Jesus Christ is calling and sending us to other people so that we tell them about Him.

People of God. Our Lord Jesus Christ is calling and sending you to show Him some Love by calling other people and telling them about His miraculous and powerful works on Humanity.

The truth in the Word of God in the Bible according to Mathew chapter 11:the verse 4. Is approving you and I, that we are the Best Evangelists privilege and approved to go to our brothers and sisters. Every body. Children and adults. And to announce to them. That our Lord Jesus Christ according to the Bible in the Book of John Chapter 10 and the verse 10. Jesus Christ, have come to save the US from the evil hands of lucifer. And give us eternal life and peace and glory.

What an amazing experience. That Jesus the Christ of Nazareth. Will find me responsible and trustworthy and send me on to a very important assignment as relevant as this?

Now therefore, do not hesitate to do accept the offer of allowing Jesus Christ to be Your personal Lord and Savior of your life. And you also take Him to another person. Tell the people you see. That Jesus Christ is in need of them. Tell them that Jesus Christ Love them so much and will never leave nor forsake them.

Bless You as You do this for Him.

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