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War of Angels: Angelic Reinforcements in the spiritual battlefields that we need to know.

Biblically speaking, there is a big angelic battle ongoing in the spiritual realm to protect the lives of true believers from the demonic entities. This war is not a trivial matter. The major ambition of the devil is to steal your soul, kill it and destroy it in hell (John 10:10). But God has assigned powerful angelic soldiers to fight these demonic powers for our safety. Please, our life is more than eating, drinking, sleeping and waking up again. There is unseen battle raging on in the spiritual dimension. This spiritual war could become so tense until reinforcements are sent from heaven to free victims. In all this prayer is a key to survival. Every christian must be a prayerful person to release more angelic soldiers to rescue people in the unseen battle.

As a child of God, you have a personal guardian angel fighting against any spiritual arrows directed at your soul. The angels are very strong and invincible. The problem of defeat does not emanate from the angelic domain. It originates from the carelessness and sinfulness of believers. Your spiritual attitude directly controls the angelic soldier assigned for your protection. If you are prayerful, fasting inclined, righteous and obedient, your spiritual angel is powerful to defend you because no legal issues could be raised against them based on your character and spiritual attitude. For example, if you are living in fornication as a christian, the demonic angels who want to destroy your soul could bring an accusation against you before your guardian angel on your unholy character. This will give these evil entities legal rights over your life. That's why the bible calls the devil "the accuser of the brethren". He is still accusing disobedient children of God who flagrantly disobey God's word.

When a christian prays, the answers are suppose to come without delay from heaven. But if the person praying is living in sin, the angel will not be permitted to grant you the prayer request. This is because, it can be stolen from your hands by the devil due to your disobedience. The devil main preoccupation is stealing people spiritual blessings. Satan doesn't care about your money. But he fears the divine capacity that God has given you. The spiritual power to pray and heal the sick and cast out devils. So everything must be done to protect your divine capacities. Keep your life holy and obedient to secure the glorious treasure in you. Don't boast that, the bible has assigned angels according to Psalm 91:11 to protect your life. Yes that is true but on condition. The condition is to live an obedient life to the biblical principles on holiness and sanctification. The devil is monitoring every christian to see their secret sins and accuse them before God. Be clean and don't take the grace of God for granted.

In the night if a demonic angel is sent to attack you and encounters a holy angel as your guardian angel, the demon can begin to show sinful actions you did in the day without repenting. This will let the holy angel turn his back on you and the consequence will be devastating. It is for our own good why the bible requires us to walk in obedience and faithfulness. The devil was once a holy angel until sin was found in him. So please, don't permit the devil to find sin in your life. If you sin, pray for forgiveness instantly. God will forgive you. Our Lord God is merciful.

If stronger demonic fallen angels still attempt to hinder your blessings, they will never succeed. Heaven will release reinforcements to battle for you as it was done for Daniel against the Prince of Persia. Sometimes, the demons want to prevent a believer from receiving a specific spiritual gift from God for fear of destroying the kingdom of darkness. So you must persevere in your prayers and finally the answer will come into your hands. The devil is still powerless against a genuine obedient spirit filled child of God. Such a christian is a flaming bomb ready to detonate anytime anywhere the devil misbehaves. So please, be obedient to God's word and live in peace with all men. Pray all the time and heaven will fight your battles.

If you are keeping a secret sin and still bragging as a christian, pastor, church usher, member of presbytery etc, please change your character because nothing is covered in this world. Both God and demons are watching our daily lives. Put the devil to shame by living a clean, righteous, obedient life in line with the scriptures.

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