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Opinion: Should I Stop Going To Church? This Is What I Saw In The Bible That Made Me Cry

My parents were athletes, they never believed in religion or the Bible. I had just become a Christian when I left my parents' house in Lagos with my aunt. However, my aunt is a devout Christian. He did not miss Sunday services. In fact, he loved the Bible, and I later became a born-again Christian. But what I saw in the Bible made me cry.

One day faithfully I will read and review the Bible looking for new verses that will improve my spiritual life. Suddenly I found a certain verse that made me cry. I almost lost my religion and still wonder if I will stop going to church as a woman. I saw this verse, 1 Corinthians 15:34-35.

The Bible is a holy book. It was used many years ago and luckily it is gaining importance all over the world. Every day, many read the Bible just to learn more about God, while others study the Bible to improve their spiritual life. The Bible still has a lot to read and some worries, some of which will even make you cry.

From my point of view, I understand from this passage of the Bible.

1. Women may not be needed in meetings.

Women are human too and should be allowed into any gathering or arrangement. You have to have your opinion, because we also have a point of view. We don't need our people to talk. If you understand what the Bible verse is trying to illustrate, let us know in the comments section.

2. Women must not speak in the house of God.

I'm ashamed of all this. As I mentioned earlier, my aunt and I are believers in Christ and we love the Bible. What are your reasons for not speaking at church?

3. Wives must allow their husbands to speak for them.

Since we cannot speak in the house of the Lord, we must let our husbands speak for us. I don't have a husband, what should I do?

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