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Avoid Doing These Three Things If You Don't Want July To Lie For You

The fact that we are already in the second half of the year is obvious. Six good months have already passed, and for some, the results and accomplishments are not quite up to par; therefore, the goal is to make July and the rest of 2021 far better. 

However, it is critical that you recognize that with God, getting to the top with fewer struggles is much easier. Regardless of how often people disregard God's omnipotence, He remains the ultimate guide on life's journey. 

Here are three things we may have been doing but must avoid from now on in order to make this month a good one for us all: 

1) Leaving the house without praying in the morning: 

This is something that a lot of people enjoy. They are unaware of the importance and spiritual power of muttering a few prayers to God before leaving for work or engaging in any domestic activity. If you've been ignoring these important devotions in the past few months, it's possible that's why they've gone wrong. Make an effort to do well this month, and you will see the results. Before you leave the house, give thanks to God for your life and place your day in His hands. 

2) Avoiding paying tithes: 

We're all familiar with Malachi 3:10, which commands all Christians to bring their tithes to God's house. As a result, your business will grow and your hustle reward will increase. Don't think that paying tithes is doing God or the pastor a favor, and don't think that refusing to pay your tithe is starving the pastor. 

3). Dismissing prophecies:

Paul, the apostle, warns the Thessalonians not to dismiss prophecy. God may be prophesying good to you through random people this month, and if you don't dismiss it, it will work out for your benefit.

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