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Popular Pastor In Ghana Reveals Great Steps To Take For A Successful Month Of March

As we all know that in few hours from now, we all shall enter the month of March 2021. This no doubt as Christians believes is a miracle and a testimony, for we all having ventured into the this year with sound health and Mind, are now going to also witness the month of March with all that we have achieved in the previous weeks. Indeed GOD has blessed us and has Kept his promises over our lives. So count yourself privilege to be alive in the Land of the living. And it is our Solemn prayer that the Good LORD will continually preserve our lives, all through this year that no bad news will be narrated over our lives.

Just recently, one of the greatest Man of GOD that the republic of Ghana has ever produced, who is believed by many Christian denominations and brethren in Ghana, to have served as a useful instrument in the hand of GOD, Which he has used as a source to reach out to Ghanaians and the entire Other African countries, has revealed what every Ghanaian should do before we enter into the month of March. Duncan Williams whom have selflessly served GOD with all his might, money and other possessions, have disclose the few things we all should endeavor to do before next month.

Speaking to the entire Christendom and his Church members during a Sunday Service, Bishop Duncan Williams stated that a lot of people think that this year will be easy and sweet, but they are not aware that this year will not be easy. He went ahead to assure us that so long as there is GOD in heaven who supersedes the affairs of this Universe, that he shall not allow those that serve him diligently to be put to shame. Adding that the those that Practice evil in the Land, will be washed away by the Anger of the LORD.

Below are the few things that all Ghanaians should do before we venture into next month being March:

"Endeavour to pray once is midnight and commit this next month into the hand of GOD. Pray that the LORD shall not Allow any evil to befall you and your household. Pray that any plot against you and your family members, shall not yield any positive result"

"Declare According to the word of GOD in John 14:14, that in the name of JESUS CHRIST, Favour, Blessings, Mercy and Grace of GOD shall follow you and your household all throughout next Month. Declare with faith that you're more than a Conqueror. And declare that all that you lost in this Past months, shall re restored onto you according to the word of GOD in Joel 2:25"

"Prophecy over your life that according to the word of GOD in Isaiah 54:17, that no weapon formed or fashioned against you and your household shall prosper, and every tongue that shall rise against you will totally be condemned in JESUS NAME"

"I prophecy over your life that the LORD shall lift up his countenance upon you, and ensure that you're preserve and always abide under his shadow (Psalm 91)"

"LORD I declare that everyone who will willingly share this post so that others will benefit from this blessing, will forever be preserved and lifted up above their enemies in JESUS NAME".

Please kindly share this article across to all social media platforms in Ghana, as was instructed by the Man of GOD.

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