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I have been to Heaven Several times No one is going there when you die - Quotation Master

Spiritualist Kwaku Peprah popularly known as Quotation Master has once again dropped another bombshell about his spiritual sayings. Quotation Master who is known for debating about religious believes has described the concept of heaven and hell as fake. According to him he practices what is called Astral projection, Now for those who might not know what Astral projection is, It's the separation of the of the soul from the body to explore the happenings in the spiritual rhyme. This is not a secret even some pastors and people who have acquired these knowledge do practice it.

According to him, he's practice this and has been to Heaven several times and he can confirm that, Heaven is not meant for humans after death. He stated that there are about 10,000 rhymes of heaven and these places are already occupied by Angels, arch angels, God's, and heavenly bodies so he doesn't understand why people think they will go and live in heaven when they die. This issue has been separated severally on many platforms but it's not easy to prove something which is spiritual, and we can't also believe what he is saying since he witness it alone. Do you believe in what he is saying ?

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