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The Experience Stories Of Someone Can Be Used To Belittle You; Pastors Mensa Otabil Reveals

The founder and leader of the international central gospel church, pastor Mensa Otabil has revealed that the life experiences of someone can be used to belittle others.

Pastor Mensa Otabil, who was discussing the topic, "faith in actions" on tv3 evening show on Sunday with some of his church pastors.

Acccording to pastor Mensa Otabil, faith can also be cultivated from the stories and experiences of other people. I am saying this because, someone can get faith from the past experience stories of someone who had faith in God till his problems were solved, and it yielded good fruit because he kept on believing that it shall be well. This experience stories can add more faith to the person in trouble's faith and believe. He added.

Also, the same thing happens with someone who listens to the past experience stories of someone who could not keep his faith till the end. Such a person can use his story to stop you from believing that you can come out of your troubles, that you have faith in God.

Sometimes they say that, they trusted and had faith in God yet nothing came out of it. Saying this to someone who is struggling to have faith in God, can definitely shatter his faith and if care is not taken, the stories will destroy everything and belittle him as well.

What do you think about the fact that, pastor Mensa Otabil says that anybody can use his experience to belittle others?

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