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Pastor Kenzo has narrated how the beast mentioned in the Bible will manifest in this end time

Pastor Kenzo departed Africa to pursue his work as a missionary in a another nation. He was transported to Hell and shown various mysteries in his bedroom. The remainder of his remarks are transcribed below.

He sat on his bed and pointed to the way he entered his room. His breathing slowed, and his spirit vanished, leaving his body behind. He saw an angel in front of him, and his spirit was standing by the angel's side, this time waiting for the mission.

"When I walked down to hell with the angel, he told me, 'Today we're going to see the abyss sector of hell.'" "When I walked down to hell with the angel, he informed me, 'Today we're going to visit an area of hell called the abyss,'" he continued. I traveled to hell with the angel and then to an other part of the world. In that place, there were no souls or devils tormenting souls. A legion of angels were imprisoned in a pitch-black, lightless region.

They were fallen angels, not demons, who had sinned and were trapped in an abyss. When I approached an angel, he looked at me with venom in his eyes and tried to grab me, but he was stopped by the shackles. I studied these angels.”

He described how they had become black and lost their angelic forms, giving way to dreadful creatures with horrifying features. Their faces were masculine, and they wore gold crowns. They had hair that resembled women's and fangs that resembled lions'. I'd never seen anything that heinous before.

"These are the grasshopper angels who will be liberated to punish the world," the angel said. "Satan will be given the key to that location, and he will lead this army, releasing these creatures to attack humans."

"The angel revealed to me a shackled angel," he explained. This angel changed into a multi-headed dragon. "That is the Beast," the angel explained. "He will be the Antichrist on Earth." Please forward this message to others, and if you'd like to read more articles like this, click the + Follow button above.

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