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If You Jump On Anyone's Death To Preach You're Immature; Ebony's Death Equate Archbishop's Son

Counselor Daniel Fenyi has broke silence on Archbishop William's son death, equating it to Ebony's own. Information as posted by 'konkonsa Hene' TV and shared by UTV News group on Facebook, the aforementioned Counselor said:

"When Ebony died at 20 at the peak of her career, it was very simple to allude her 'pre-mature' death to her 'bad girl' lifestyle. In fact, she became a topic for many Pastors and advice givers, who cautioned young people not to lead her kind of lifestyle because it was a sureway to untimely death."

Fast forward, Dr. David, the firstborn of Bishop Dag, at 31 has also died 'pre-maturely'. Apart from the fact that he is a medical doctor, he also lives and practises in America the home for the best health and medical facilities. 

Unlike Ebony, he's not known publicly for any secular or worldly lifestyle. And on top, his Father is an ArchBishop who held one of the Biggest Good Friday Crusades for 'Christ' on exactly the day son died. But still, like Ebony, he has died.

Look, I condemn anyone who seeks to use any of these deaths to promulgate any ideologies and theories. Death is death. Just as we didn't choose who, where, how and when we were born, the decision to die also goes beyond human imagination. It's the sole prerogative of God. 

In fact, God can choose to call any of us today, through any means like sickness, domestic abuse, car crush, snake bite, hunger, war, flooding, fire outbreak, suicide and no one can do him 'foko'.

So, if you jump on anyone's death to preach a message, you are immature and have a very limited understanding of the complexity of life. Let's sympathise with Bishop, and anyone who has lost a loved one. Let's pray with or for them and let's encourage them.

I'm still reminding you that Death is no respecter of persons. If you are alive now, you're merely LUCKY, or, as Christians will say, FAVOURED. You don't deserve it more than anyone else.

Below is a screenshot of the post as sighted online (Facebook)

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