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Break through the Resistance.

Wherefore we would have come unto you,even I Paul, once and again but Satan hindered us(1 Thessalonians 2:18).

I define resistance as anything that stops you from arriving at your destination.

Israel encountered resistance before they could enter into the promised land(Deuteronomy 1:8).Resistance is on every path of purpose and destiny.The devil does not want you to come to your place of rest and abundant blessings so he will resist you so strongly but he shall not prevail over you if only you will stand and confront him in battle .

Paul said that he and his fellow workers in the Lord desired to come to the Thessalonians but Satan hindered them.Paul finally broke through the resistance and visited the church in Thessalonica and ministered unto them.

Sin is a major resistance in the path of greatness.I pray that you will overcome every sin satan has assigned to prevent you from reaching your appointed destination.As you wait in the presence of the Lord, you will receive strength to break through every resistance.

Stand your ground and advance against the opposition forces by persistent prayers.The Lord of Hosts is fighting for you and with you.

I prophesy that you shall break through every resistance that Satan has put in your marital,financial,ministry and destiny path by the power of the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus.

Prayer of Salvation

Dear Lord Jesus I believe that you died for my sins and rose on the third day for my complete salvation.I acknowledge that I am a sinner.Please forgive and wash my sins by your righteous blood.Come into my heart and lead me by your power in the way of everlasting life.Amen

Please join a bible believing church and let's grow together as we wait for the appearing of the Lord Jesus Christ unto salvation.

God bless you all.

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