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Divorce Affair

Agradaa Thretens To Beat Her Spiritual Father For Allegedly Causing Her Breakup Saga

Evangelist Partricia Oduro, also known as Nana Agraadaa, has come up to reveal the true reason for her divorce.

Many people assumed that after both of them became pastors, they would work together to raise their new church. That, however, is not the case.

Nana Agradaa has exposed the true reason for her husband's non-attendance at her church in her video. On a live video, she disclosed that, her spiritual father was the trigger of her break up with her husband.

She accused her spiritual father of utilizing her husband for his personal private positive aspects.

Nana Agradaa claims that her spiritual father was the catalyst for her divorce from her spouse.

She accused her spiritual father of exploiting her husband for his own personal gain, claiming that this is the sole reason he doesn't want him to get close to her because she will expose him.

Nana Agradaa also expressed her hatred for the spiritual father, who has now turned out to be a thorn in her flesh for her because he has destroyed her marriage.

Not withstanding the fact that she is a Reverend, Nana Agradaa has threatened to whip the spiritual father in the future if they meet because he is the one who has barred her husband from visiting her church.

She said;

"I am telling the man that anytime anywhere i will meet that man, it will be boot for boot".


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