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Can This Generation take Ghana to the promised land?

Today's generation does not seem to be God-fearing in the least. The youth, who are supposed to cling to God, are now being affected by the bad habits of the elderly who led an infamous lifestyle.

Nowadays, the youth are the ones who post nudes on social media platforms, while the elderly, especially their parents, sit idle and do nothing about it. Have we forgotten that Jesus Christ gave his life for our salvation? Is his death therefore pointless? Can you understand how frustrating it is to do something for others and have them not accept or acknowledge it? God has been so gracious to us; now is the time to cling to our anchor. And bad deeds seem to have been common in the eyes of Christians.

If you have any idea how many people died only today? Dearest friend, Take Christ now and be resurrected from your sins that are causing you to drift away from God. Don't forget that God is with you, but you must unlock your Godly account by obeying your earthly father's commands. It is not too late to express your heart solemnly to him, and you will see the promised land. As you read, allow the goodness of our Lord Jesus Christ to take hold of you.

Parents and everyone else should be mindful of the devil's devious ways in order for us to be saved.

The devil is so bad that if you give him the chance, he will use you to do his job, and after that, you will be found lacking. Allow the Bible to be your early morning and late evening meal.

It is past time for us to devote our lives to Christ, because dying in sin is everlasting death, but dying in righteousness is eternal life; therefore, be wise and make the best choice possible in order to be saved.

Will I be saved if I die today? is a question that every living soul must answer before dying. What will become of my spirit? Is my way of life pleasing to God? Is it true that I'm possessed by the Holly spirit? Is it true that I am righteous?

After you've answered all of these questions, evaluate yourself and make a final decision. Heaven is our sanctuary, but if you sleep outside your home while inebriated, you will be tormented.

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