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They Are All Dead: We Don’t Know Who Is Next – Rev. Opambour Drops A Tall List Of Dead Pastors

The Founder of the Ebenezer Miracle Worship Center in Kumasi, Reverend Ebenezer Opambour Adarkwa Yiadom has sadly dropped a tall list of Pastors who have died. According to him, most men of God have over the years died before their time and no one knows who is next.

In a live Facebook interaction from his Church Premises, Reverend Adarkwa Yiadom who is also known as Prophet one indicated that human beings, irrespective of their positions are nothing in the face of the Lord. He says every man will face judgment according to his accounts on earth and everyone must lead a good life for the final call. Reverend Adarkwa Yiadom indicates that for many years, God Servants in the bible have died and it has descended on the current generation with pastors dying almost every day.

“Now people are dying here and there. Great men of God in the bible including Joshua, Miriam, Moses and the rest have all died”. He noted.

He listed several pastors who were vigorously worked for God but have died unexpectedly. He says nobody can determine who among the pastors is a true man of God but their deeds on earth will judge where they will be in the face of the Lord.

“In our time, a lot of pastors have also died. Brother Pastor Amoako of resurrection Power and Living Bread Ministries is gone. After him, a lot of pastors have died sadly and we cannot tell if they are from God or not. Bishop Owusu Tabri, Comfort Annor, Reverend Kusi Berko, Reverend Michael Osei Bonsu, Prophet Seth Frimpong, George Forests, Reverend Afrifa, and now TB Joshua have all died and we do not know who is next. Reverend Adarkwa Yiadom revealed.

Another Pastor whose death came as a surprise to Ghanaians is Apraku My Daughter. Reverend Opambour Adarkwa Yiadom advised people to live Godly lifestyles because nobody can predict who is next on the list. He says death can befall anyone irrespective of their positions but people must know where they will be after death. “We must know what life has for us. We cannot tell who will die next so we must all be vigilant. People do whatever they want without respect but we must know that death awaits all of us”. He indicated.

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