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First Day Of The Month, Say These Powerful Prayers Points To Open Your Destiny Doors

As it is written in the scripture saying that, no situation is permanen and with God all things are possible.

Most of us normally struggle to get peaceful living but due to the demonic and evil attacks our destiny doors are always close which leads us into suffering.

Say the prayer points below to open your destiny doors as we are in the new month.

My Father my Father, any demonic spirits that has locked my density indoors shall not prosper, open my destiny doors locked by them in the name of Jesus.

You are the giver of everything, as we enter this new month any thing I touch shall multiply in the Mighty name of Jesus.

The Lord of Abraham, the Lord of Moses and the Lord of Joseph any demonic and satanic spirits that has locked my destiny shall be destroyed in the in Jesus.

I pray this morning that, my destiny doors locked by the evil spirits shall be opened in the name of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

You are the destiny changer, open my destiny for me in Jesus name.

oh Lord! I receive my destiny which is locked by any demonic spirits in Jesus name i pray.

Father Jesus, let this month be a month of my destiny changer in the Mighty name of Jesus.

I pray this morning that, any hand that will type "Amen" at the comment section shall receive your glory in the mame of Jesus Christ.

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Jesus Joseph Moses


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