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Who Else Noticed These 3 Things During Rev. Obofour's Chieftaincy Coronation (Photos)

Reverend Obofour who is the founder and leader of The Anointed Palace Chapel (APC) worldwide was as of today crowned a chief and his coronation was massive.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Sweet TV or Prophet Asanteman Bofour as he is sometimes called is now the Asantehene Mantse at Sempe, James Town. From the pictures that surfaced online we deduced that the man of God is clothed like a ‘Ga Chief' even his mood indicates that he is joyous of the title that was being bestowed on him in Accra.

Having carefully followed the video of the coronation there are three things we noticed and we would like to share them in this article.

1- While watching the event, we noticed the number of people in attendance was much. This indicates that Rev. Obofour is a good man and he is loved by many in the community. For a man of God to be able to pull such a crowd when it's not for a crusade, then it means people honor him aside from the fact that he is a man of God.

2- Rev. Obofour acknowledged God by looking up to him while the ceremony was going on. This showed how grateful he was to God, for how far he has led him. Although many people are still of the opinion that a man of God is not supposed to accept to be crowned a chief.

3- His beautiful wife didn't play a major role in the coronation. The tradition took a full course and unlike the Rev. who will always flaunt his wife at every given time. Albeit, the event was very successful and he was crowned.

These are the few things we noticed in the coronation and it's important we share them, you can tell us what you noticed as well in the comments section.

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