To be Obedient and Steadfast Under All Circumstances to Your Leader is Loyalty - Bishop Saah

The Senior Bishop of Christian Action Faith Ministries (CAFM) and Action Chapel International, Bishop James K. Saah has postulated that loyalty is not based on convenience and under no circumstance should subordinates use thier talents to bully their boss'. 

According to him all those who are serving under a leader who thinks that all decisions emanating from the leader should be convenient to them have a mistaken opinion. Sometimes decisions that comes from your boss towards you are inconvenient and your ability to cope and stay on is part of loyalty. 

He recounted an experience where his boss, Archbishop Duncan Williams once asked him to leave his Spintex Branch of the church to another branch. 

"I went to his office and asked whether I've done something wrong, he said no. But, you're transferring me, because I've done something wrong, he said no. He also asked me; Do you have any problem, I said no". 

Bishop James Saah continued, "I went for the transfer. Was it easy, no! I went. He added "Do I have any regrets, no. Loyalty is not based on your convenience. If loyalty was based on convenience, there wouldn't be any disloyalty" he affirmed. 

To buttress his loyalty teaching again, he shared that, there was another occasion where he had a big appointment to preach somewhere for big monetary reward. According to him, unfortunately, though, his boss wanted him to travel somewhere on the same appointment date.

He continued he only called and canceled his personal appointment without discussing with his boss, because in his understanding, that would mean unwillingness on his part to honour his boss' request.

He intimated further that "Everytime you hear somebody criticizing your leader, shut that person up. The same people would go and tell him. Stop them there" because "They are digging a grave for you".

The Senior Bishop of Christian Action Faith Ministries (CAFM) made these remarks to a congregation when he was teaching on the topic "Loyalty 101" in a video share on Facebook by FA Boateng.

In conclusion, he admonished his congregation to be patient with their leaders and should not break away just over some few and petty misunderstandings. "One way God test loyalty is through waiting. Adonijah couldn't wait, Absalom couldn't wait, they all died", he ended. 


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