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Say These Prayer Points To Be Healed From Any Diseases or Sicknesses

Prayer is very good and works effective on our daily lives.

As it is written in the Bible that, we should pray without getting tired.

Most of our sicknesses can easily be healed through payers because God is the healer of every sickness and diseases.

Sickness can be given to us by God for our disobedience or it can be given to us as a test from the Lord.

Biblically job were being tested which he suffered from many illness and upon his faith he was healed and blessed.

Say the prayer points below to help you heal your sicknesses.

Oh Lord, be gracious to me for I'm lingushing, heal me for my bones are shaking with terror.

I need your healness for you are the learner of every sickness in the Mighty name of Jesus I pray.

I know that this sickness is small be be cured by you so why are you punishing me this way, heal me from this terrible sicknesses for you are the doctor among all doctors.

Oh my Father, my Father i seek for your healing power against this diseases in the Mighty name of Jesus.

Oh Lord, deliver me from this sickness for the sake of your steadfast love in Jesus name i pray.

Any demonic spirit that has trabfered this sickness for me shall be destroyed and in the Mighty name of Jesus I shall be healed from this terrible diseases.

Any hand that comment "Amen" shall be delivered from any sicknesses in the name of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

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