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Reason Why Most People Are Poor Meanwhile They Are Working (Read)

Most people keep on complaining about their finances or coffers everyday without knowing that they are the cause of their own problems. Everyone is the cause of the failure in his or her homes because of some daily activities that we normal take part in.

Poverty is just something that is close to everyone and when you and we easily invites it into our lives by doing these things in our daily life activities which we doesn't know.

The following are the points or our activities that brings poverty into our homes and families;

1. When you easily talk and insults an Anointed Man of God, you will remain poor forever because the Bible says,"every sins we committed against our friends and families shall be forgiven but any sin committed against the Holy Spirit shall never be forgiven in your life.

2. When you find it difficult to confess your sins to your spiritual father or pastor. As human beings as we are, sin becomes our daily life activity and if you want to be free and get blessings from God them you must confess your sins and ask for forgiveness of your sins. But please before your confess your sins pray to God to show you a true Man of God to confess to so that your sins can be forgiven because it is not every pastor who is genuine. So you must allow the Holy Spirit to lead you in it.

3. If you like to steal mad cheat others in anything small you get or have. You can never be rich in life if you keep on cheating people in your life. It is not good to cheat and steal people because the more you are doing that, the gateway of blessings is closed in your life. You may work and work but the result will still be the same therefore the better thing is to run away from stealing and cheating.

These are the reasons why there are some people in our communities they always looks poor despite all the work they are doing. Keep note of these things and stop giving Holy things unto dogs.

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