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“In 1978, My Mother Asked Me If I Was An Armed Robber Or A Pastor” - Rev. Uma Ukpai Narrates

Inside a YouTube video, Rev. Dr Uma Ukpai describes what transpired between him and his mother when a guy offered him assistance that was beyond his mother's comprehension. The Reverend used this anecdote to demonstrate that a person who follows Christ will never be starving.

"In 1978, my mother sent for my wife and me, and when we arrived in the village, she remarked to me, 'I watched you on television, and you were preaching and smiling like a rich man.'" But I know you're poor because I'm your mother.'

"Mommy, I will inform God everything you've said, and I trust Him to grant me money by tomorrow." I'll return to this community to begin my construction. Does God depart in your house, don't you sound arrogant? We chat and converse every day, and I answered yes. "By tomorrow, she replied, I'll be waiting for you."

The next morning, to my amazement, a guy arrived from Aba, claiming that God had given him my name and address and that he had requested me to send you a sum of money since you were in desperate need. I had no idea who the man was, but I hoped for him. The funds were insufficient to construct a decent home.

"This very same guy came the next morning and remarked, 'I don't know why God loves you so much.' He brought more money than he had the day before. My parents discovered the money and inquired whether I was an ex-convict or a pastor when she tallied it.

"To anyone and everyone hearing to me, the God who did it for me will do it for you as well," he said at the end of the session. You are not an ordinary person, I proclaim."

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