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Landlady Demolishes Apostolic Church Building. Church Members Call For Her Arrest And Persecution.

Church Members of Apostolic Movers and Shakers Chapel at Dansoman in the Greater Accra Region are calling for the arrest of their landlady after she demolished their church building.

In a video cited on Adom TV online, an excavator can been seen dismantling the church building under the orders of the land lady of the property.

According to information picked from the grounds, the supposed landlady willingly gave the land to the pastor to operate his church on it. It is believed that the land itself had a lot of work to be done on it when the landlady gave it to the supposed pastor whose name wasn't mentioned. Agrieved and agitated members of the church explained during an interview with Adom TV online how they sacrificed and worked on the land in other to get their church put up. They had to weed, clear rubbish, and fill up the land to get it fully ready.

It is believed that the said landlord who whom at this point we cannot confirm if she is a member of the church. But what we can confirm is that she used to attend the church and go to the pastor for prayers.

Members of the church said after some years, they realized a change of attitude and behaviour from the landlady. She became less friendly and very cold to the pastor and some members before she issues a warning to the pastor to vacate her property else risk an entire demolition. It is understood that the pastor agreed but pleaded for the landlady to give him a little time to find another place and move.

The landlady obviously of warning the pastor consistently decided to take action. She called in for excavators to come and dismantle the church. Some of the agrieved and angry members could be seen and heard wailing and shouting at the top of their voice and uttering all sort of curses and some pronouncement on the land lady whiles the demolition exercise was underway.

One lady was heard calling God to intervene and stop them from conducting what she believes to be an evil deed. The woman went ahead and could be heard saying she wouldn't believe and have faith in God anymore if He refuses to do something instantly to stop the landlady from demolition their church building.

Other members seen crying bore some powerful testimony about how the pastor and the church had save their life and family. One woman who was interviewed said she couldn't give birth before she joined the church and after she joined, through the powerful prayers the pastor offered for her, she at long last delivered and for that matter, she is very sad to live and see this happening to the pastor and the church.

We are yet to get in touch with the landlady to hear the side of her story. But for the meantime, members of the church are calling stakeholders, law enforcement personels, and politicians to come to their aid and help them arrest the landlady and persecute her at any competent court of judicature.

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