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Church Offering Would Be Hard, How Much Would Kenkey Cost:Phasing Out Of GHS1 and GHS2 Lamentations

Three hours ago, as at the time of this writing, the Ghanaian popular news outlet known as TV3 has updated its facebook page with a news item, alerting its viewers about the plan of the bank of Ghana to phase out the One Ghana Cedis and the Two Ghana Cedis Notes.

No other information was given about the development because a time was set for deliberations to be made on the development, however; Ghanaians have picked up on the issue and have drawn their conclusions on the briefing.

The post was flooded by a lot of reactions from Netizens and most of the comments were complaints as to how they would do things that they have been using the One Ghana Cedis and the Two Ghana Cedis for.

Francis Datsomor has lamented saying that giving of offering at church would be difficult. This reaction has created the notion that most people that give offering at church give from One Ghana Cedis to Two Ghana Cedis. Only a few congregants might have been giving above One Ghana Cedis and Two Ghana Cedis at Church.

Obaapa Kodie has also asked a rhetorical question as to the base money to be used now. We believe that all these questions could be answered in the actual briefing.

Pharez has also asked a question on how much to give as offering after the One Ghana Cedis and the Two Ghana Cedis have phased out. It seems that the issue of offering at church is of much concern to Ghanaians.

Oscar Sankah is of the view that Ghana must begin to print her own currency as the United States of America and Nigeria are doing.

Gann Goodman has shifted the reaction from the amount of money to be contributed at Church to how much Kenkey would cost.

Nana Gee Key has also complained that the One Ghana Cedis and the Two Ghana Cedis have lost their value. He concluded that the base price for the purchase of goods would now be five Ghana Cedis.

Do you think that the GHS1 and the GHS2 should be phased out?



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