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"3 Months Of God's Greatness" - Lovely Couple Raises Emotions As They Celebrate Their Son's Life

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A lovely couple have got many people singing praises to God for his goodness in their lives and the life of their son. The lovely couple celebrated their victory with the world by sharing lovely photos of their lovely son who was between life and death 3 months and two weeks ago.

According to the couple, they were told to chose between life and death for their son who was born premature and chances to him surviving was very low.

They shared the lovely before and after photos accompanied with emotional message to the world on the need to believe in God.

Read the full message below:

"Three months and two weeks ago, we were given two options when our baby was born. We could either hold him while he takes his last breaths of life, or we could try everything possible to save his life. It took no thinking! We knew he could have been blind, deaf or handicapped but he was out flesh and blood we would have loved him no matter what.

We prayed, prayed some more, asked for prayers. We received the most amazing blessings and miracle ever. We walk out today with a baby boy who has not a single thing wrong with him. His vision, his hearing and his brain scan.

A miracle is something that seems impossible but happens anyways. God gives the hardest battles to the strongest soldiers".

Screenshot below

LLovely people, aren't you still convinced that the mercy of God still works and locates people who are hopeless? I hope you can be located at the appointed time just like this couple in Jesus name. Your views are welcomed below.

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