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"Good God", 100 Year Old Woman Celebrates Her Birthday Inside The Church, Her Words Will Touch You

One of the best gift that some should pray for each day of his or her life, is for GOD to bless you with the gift, or give you the grace of long life. The gift and the blessings of longevity is what you should seek from GOD. A dead person cannot hustle, a dead person cannot even serve GOD. A dead fellow cannot pursue his/her dreams, let alone fulfilling his destiny. Instead it is when you have life that you Cann bed rest assured, that you have hope of tomorrow. Because once you go down below, tomorrow is no longer certain.

Now living long in life is good, but one thing that should be looked out for is, the achievement you were able to make while you were still young. How you managed to set a good legacy for your kids, and offspring to follow when you must have departed. That is what matters, not just having the grace of longevity, yet you have no good legacy for your generations. But in all we do, let us pray for the grace to know live long, and achieve our destinies.

A Story has been trending online where a old woman, who is said to be 100 years old attended her Church service, in thanksgiving to GOD for adding another year to her age.

According to the story gathered by a correspondent, whose name was Given as Mike Kwame took to his personal facebook wall to post the Story of the Old woman. Adding that this is one the great gift and blessing, that GOD can give someone in this world.

"Good God. This Old woman who is said to be 100 years decided to celebrate her Birthday inside the Church, in the presence of GOD, in doxology to him for adding another year to her age", Mike said.

He further said that he wish to live long like her. As she is not just very old, but at her age, she is still strong, healthy, and can stand still without anybody to hold her. Just that she now walks with a walking stick.

I personally tap into the this Blessing by saying "Happy Birthday Granny". I pray that I will live long to see my fifth generation just as, Christianity as a Religion told us that GOD has Promised his Children.

Why not tap into this blessings, by wish her a Happy Birthday. And share this Article too.

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