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Facts About Catholics You Didn't Know

The Catholic Church is one of the largest Christian denominations that traces its origin all the way to Jesus Christ. It is the most influential Christian denomination in the world.

However, there are some facts about this organization many Catholics do not know.

Here are some truth about the Catholic Church every devoted catholic should know.

1. The Catholic Church is the oldest Christian denomination in the world. It traces its roots all the way to the first century Christianity. It was founded by Jesus Christ through the apostle Peter. This is the reason why Catholics believe Peter was the first Pope.

2. The Catholic Church is the most criticize denomination in the world. Protestants often accuse the Catholics of teaching heretic doctrines. Especially the doctrine of the immaculate conception, and the assumption of Mary. The protestants churches also accuse the Catholic Church of praying for the dead which they say is not biblical. This doctrine is often known as purgatory.

3. The Church is also the most influential and richest Christian denomination in the world. It has built more hospitals, schools, and orphanages than any Christian organization in the world. It raises it's funds mostly through offerings, charity and tithing.

4. You cannot talk about largest religious organization without mentioning the Roman Catholic Church. The Catholic Church is the most populous Christian denomination in the world. According to wikipedia, the Roman Catholic Church is largest Christian denomination in the world with more than over one billion worshippers.

5. In addition to the above facts about Roman Catholics, Catholics are the most friendly people in the world that I have ever come across . A majority of them are friendly and peace loving. There was a time I was curious to know what Catholic worship was like. So  I attended the church, but was amazed at the kind of hospitality I received. That was one of the days I will never forget in my life.

Do you agree with me on these facts about Roman Catholics? If no why, and if yes give us your experience.

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