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At the end of the meeting, the queen of heaven proposed to me to marry a mermaid - Ex Sorcerer (url)

Felicien Mulopwe of Congo's Testimony (Part 2).

My Meeting with The Queen of Heaven, And My Participation in The Celebration of The Catholic Madonna: Upon my return from Ivory Coast, I was forced to go directly through the city where the Catholic Madonna's Day was organized. I went where the priests of the ten Catholic formations of the city of Loudima lodged.

There I had to meet some bishops and ecclesiastical authorities. I transmitted to them the news and the recommendations of the pope concerning the multiplication of photos of the holy virgin Mary so that everyone attending the celebration can get them at a very low price.

Each of the attendees also had to bring along a candle for the ceremony, as saint Charlemagne and queen Marguella had to come down to attend the meeting. These two personalities are superior demons that people call Mary and Jesus.

In reality, Mary is already dead, the Bible does not teach us to worship her; he who adores Mary commits the sin of idolatry. He unknowingly invokes a higher demon, for the queen of heaven, the holy virgin, is a fallen angel called Marie Marguella. That evening, when the ceremony and the Madonna's Day began, I managed to put poison in the water of the city from its source.

After people drank this water, I started to catch the spirits of those who were weak in this ceremony and in the city, and as a result, several days later people began to die in many ways so as to avoid suspicion. After capturing the 200 spirits of those who had drunk poisoned water in the city and those who were weak-minded, a mystical plane was sent.

I point out that this plane was invisible to the eyes of ordinary people; only the initiates could hear the noises and see this invisible plane. The task of transporting these captive souls was given to a priest of the Catholic mission of the city of Loudima. He was in charge of transporting those souls who were bound in chains to the invisible world.

I regret bitterly for putting an end to the lives of these people. After this feast of the Catholic Madonna, on March 6, 1989, some Catholic dignitaries gathered for a seminar in Lubango, a few kilometers from Pointe Noire. This seminar was convened by the queen of heaven. She was accompanied by her son St. Charlemagne, and both coordinated this meeting.

The audience included bishops and other church dignitaries, as well as writers from other countries. In this seminar we had to solve the problem of the Legion of Mary; because in this matter there was a conflict between two priests; there was already a bishop who was in charge, but there was another who wanted to seize leadership of the group.

The queen of heaven simply decided to maintain the bishop who headed the group of the Legion of Mary. After this problem, it was time to examine another case which concerned a bishop who was to be expelled from the clergy, because of secrets of the church that he had disclosed without authorization.

The Vatican put him aside and he lost his power as a superior priest. He was then punished by life sickness by the queen of heaven; it was paralysis, and he died from it because priests were forbidden to reveal the secrets of the church to laymen.

At the end of this meeting, the queen of heaven proposed to me to marry a woman from the waters commonly called mermaid or Mami-Wata. She was the daughter of Queen Farida. I accepted her proposal without arguing. So, my new wife the mermaid gave me two children. But many years later, my family forced me to marry a human woman. Following this, the mermaid became angry and decided to leave me. She left with the two children to the world of waters.

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