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Use Taameawu Leaves To Break Any Curse From Your Life.

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Today is another newday and am here to bring you another secret rituals that can help you to break any Spiritual curse from your life. Have you heard the name taameawu before? If yes , then I want to show you one secret about this leaves. Taameawu is the queen of all leaves and the name of itself will tell you that it is very powerful and it can do wonders for you.

Are you curse by someone, or you are facing difficulties in life? Are you stagnant in life? Then you should worry no more because this particular leaves can help you remove any bad things from your life . Taameawu Leaves has a positive energy that can destroy any Spiritual activities of the devil.

If you are curse by someone or you know your life is cursed, then this rituals can help you overcome any curse from your life. And your life will become new and things will move forward for you.

How To Do It.

Get seven leaves of taameawu , and put it in a new rubber bucket, please get water from a well or rain water and add one handful of Ada salt to it and put it in the sun for the whole day. Take it around 12am in the mid night and send it to the bathroom. Put some coins there on the floor, it should be the choice of the coin you want to use, remove two leaves from the water and stand on it with the coins and make this incartations by saying " Queen of all Leaves, I command you to remove any curse from my life, queen of the moon , I command you to remove any curse from my life , queen of the stars, I command you to cleanse me and help me to overcome this curse" .

Use some of the water to wash your face and don't remove your feet from the leaves which you are on it , bath all the water by saying your wish and your heart desires, after that take the leaves and the coin and hide it somewhere till the next day. Please continue doing it for seven days and after the seven days, please take the leaves and the coin and dig it in a hole.

Congratulations, your curse has been removed and from that time , try to experience the power of Taameawu Leaves and see the results in your life.


My name is Mr Fred and am a Spiritualist who use herbs to help people to achieve what they need in life. If you have any Spiritual problem, just contact me on zero two four eight six nine six zero three nine and I will help you. Those who want love and those who want their partners to marry them should also contact me and I will help you to achieve what you want in life.

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