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Pope Francis Sends Strong Message To All Catholics, Read What He Said

No man is an island, according to a popular phrase. This indicates that no human being on the planet is self-sufficient. No matter how powerful and important you are, you must rely on people for a few things in order to succeed.

Pope Francis, Supreme Pontiff, Head of State of Vatican City, and Leader of the Roman Catholic Church, has issued a powerful message to the Christian community, particularly Catholics, by urging people to pray specifically for him.

This plea was made via Pope Francis' official Twitter account. He cited the feast of Saints Peter and Paul as the main reason for his request in his tweet.

On June 29th, the feast of Saints Peter and Paul, two key personalities in the church, will be celebrated. On this day, the church honors Saint Peter, one of Jesus Christ's disciples and the first Pope, as well as Saint Paul, one of the greatest apostles.

Being the leader of the world's largest Christian religion is no simple assignment, and even if Pope Francis is the Pope, he still requires assistance from others, which can only come in the form of prayers. Prayers for him to have greater strength to continue his missionary efforts.

This request also shows that we should always put our leaders in prayers because the job at their feet is not an easy one. May the almighty continue to strengthen all those who are working in his vineyard, amen.

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