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3 Problems You Encounter When You Are About To Be Blessed By God

3 Problems You Encounter When You Are About To Be Blessed By God

Just as the appearance of heavy dark clouds indicates there is about to be a rainfall, there are some signs and experiences that clearly show our blessings or breakthrough will soon become a reality.

The sad thing is that only few individuals have a true understand of spiritual signs and manifestations.

This is one major reason why you should read this article carefully to understand what I'm about to tell you.

Before we start with our study for today, please be a blessing to others by sharing this article with them.

Below are some signs;

1. In circumstances where your loved ones start to leave your life.

When you offend a friend, or a close relative or person you love so much, and they leave your side, that does not mean a blessing is coming your way. In a case like this, do well to apologize and make peace with that fellow. 

However, in the case where your friends or loved ones leave you for an unexplainable or incomprehensible reason, that is, when you don’t know what you wrong you have actually done to them.

In such circumstances, just understand there is a great blessing coming your way. 

Many at times, relationships that come to an end happens for your own good.

One thing you should understand is, most people who come into our lives block our blessings and ability to progress.

Most of the time, when you realize people are leaving your side for no particular reason, stay put and commit yourself to prayer. 

A blessing is surely coming your way.

2. At a point when you are tempted to sin.

Sin is one thing that blocks your blessings. 

Whenever you are tempted to commit an intentional sin, just bear in mind there is a great blessing coming your way. 

The adversary knows that the only way he can stop your progress is to lure you into sin. 

He uses some form of temporal pleasure to block your unprecedented blessings, so whenever you are tempted to embezzle money from your workplace or the office, or to simply disobey the command of God, do not forget the devil wants to use that temptation to block your blessings.

I can say without contemplation that most of the temptation that comes your way, happens when you are standing at the door of your breakthrough or blessings.

3. Sudden Hardship.

A woman may encounter some financial problems that may tempt her to sell her body. 

Some form of hardship can compel a man to steal or cheat. 

These hardships must come your way before your breakthrough is manifested. 

All you have to do is just stay true to God, preserve your integrity, honor him through your daily decisions.


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